NameDr Rachel Garfield

Present Appointment 2012- current
Professor FT, permanent in the Department of Art, T/R
Professor (2019-)
Head of Department (2017-)
Director of Postgraduate Studies (2012-2017)
School Director of Postgraduate Studies (2013-2017)
Programme Director BA Art & History of Art (2014-2017)


1982-1985BA (Hons.) North East London Polytechnic, Fine Art 2:1

1996-1998MA Fine Art, Central St Martins, University of the Arts London

1999-2003PhD Fine Art, Royal College of Art
AHRB funded
PhD Title: “Performativity and Subjectivity: Encounters with recent Jewish Art”
(Examined by Prof. Paul Gilroy, Yale and Prof. Janice Jefferies, Goldsmiths, passed without corrections)

Previous Appointments

2011-2012University of Kent, Lecturer (ft), Fine Art, Director of Undergraduate Studies
2010-2011University of the Arts Wimbledon, MA Fine Art (0.2fte), co-ordinating critical studies component of the MA
2007 - 2011Goldsmiths College, MFA (0.2 fte)
2007- 2011Goldsmiths College, BA Critical Studies (Associate Lecturer)
2006 - 2008 Salford University, Lecturer Visual Arts (0.5 fte)
2005 Central St Martins, BA 2D pathway (Temporary Contract)
2005 - 2006 Goldsmiths College University of London, Visual Cultures BA (Associate Lecturer, left to take up permanent employment)
2001-2005 Kent Institute of Art & Design thesis supervision of BA visual communication students (Associate Lecturer, relocated to Wolverhampton)
2002 -2003Camberwell College of Art & Crafts, University of the Arts London, Photography BA (Associate Lecturer)
2001-2002 Kent Institute of Art & Design, BA Painting, (Associate Lecturer)
2001-2003 Nottingham Trent University, supervision of Graphic Design MA by independent study students (Associate Lecturer, left due to maternity)
2001-2002 Nottingham Trent University, BA Graphic Design
2000/01 (Associate Lecturer, left due to maternity)
2000-2001 City University MA Organisation and Social Change, (Module leader: Post-modernity, Power, Difference and Identity: contemporary debates) (Temporary Contract)
1996-2000Further education
1995-1999Adult education
1991-2000Freelance project work in galleries and other educational settings.

Other Employment

1993 – 2000Administrator (pt) for the Academic Journal Issues in Architecture Art and Design published by the University of East London. ISSN 0960-8648
1998 Editorial Assistant for the special edition of Issues in Architecture Art and Design: Gender, Religion and Ethnicity: Jewish Women in The Visual Arts, Vol. 5 No. 1, published by the University of East London, ISSN 0960-8648
1986-1992PT Administration for Waltham Forest Council for Voluntary Services (including servicing the Under 5’s Sub-Committee); The Ronson Foundation; The Central Council for The Education and Training of Social Workers; Arts Services Grants Ltd (Space Studios)

Voluntary Work

1990-1995 Served on the Board of Space Studios, set up and Chaired the staffing sub-committee
1994Acting Chair of Space Studios

2. Postgraduate Research by practice, student supervision

First Supervisor
Completed within 4 years (or equivalent)
Kirsten Cook (passed with minor corrections, 2016): “Locating curatorial and literary strategies that resist the impoverishing practices of exhibitions, which reiterate neo-liberal values through predetermining the images affect”
Marek Undro, (passed with minor corrections, 2018), co-supervision with Teresa Murjas “The portrait of a process: Multi-Meta-Form as an answer to the  problem of the process expression in oil painting, based on the analytical study of Tadeusz Kantor’s informel  and matter painting period (1955-1962), philosophy of science (quantum mechanics' philosophical interpretation) and mysticism of Meister Eckhart and D.T. Suzuki”
Daniel Kidner (AHRC funded, ft, passed with no corrections, 2018),” How can an examination of the idea of community bring a new understanding to the work of political filmmakers from the 1970s and 80s”

Submitted (awaiting viva)
Hoi Yee Chau (year 4, ft), “Multi-panel portraiture” (viva March 28th 2019)
Melanie Jackson, (submitted, ft SWW DTP funded): “Giving Suck: How do Milk, the Milk Jug, Clay and Dairy collide in material histories, the Contemporary Moment and Philosophical Histories?” (viva January 31st 2019)
Sophia Hadjigeorgiou (year 3 pt, submitted), “Still life re-found in Photography” (viva tbc)

Kim Coleman (AHRC funded by SWWDTP), (October 2018 start)
Tina Jenkins, (4th yr pt, regional fee waiver studentship): “Reclaiming Hysteria as an Affirmative “force of thought” in a Feminist Painting Practice”. (Sept 14 start, writing up)
Martina Mullaney (AHRC funded, pt, year 5, writing up), “Enemies of Good Art; the invisibility of the woman artist with children.” (Sept 13 start)
Darragh O’Donoghuh (pt, year 2, collections based research competative studentship), “The Dwoskin Archive” (start Sept 2015)
Philomene Hoel, (pt yr 2) competative University funded strategic partnership with the LUX on Stephen Dwoskin (Start Sept 2016)

Second Supervisor

Jinhee Park (ft, passed with minor corrections), “Temporality of duration and instant in contemporary art, with specific attention to Penone” (ft completed 19 September 2017)
Gavin Larcombe (passed with major corrections) “Adopting an ethnographic approach within art and education” (pt, completed 8 January 2019)
Geneve Brossard (Goldsmiths, passed with minor corrections), “Women, gender and the embodied Subject in art.”

Research Awards

External successful

Awarded, as P-I, an AHRC 3 year large grant (£969,985) project. Started 1 September 2018, BFI and LUX (partners). Co-I’s Alison Butler (Reading); Jennie Chamarette (QMUL); Yunhyong Kim (University of Glasgow), Frank Hopfgarnter (University of Sheffield), “The Legacies of Stephen Dwoskin’s Personal Cinema”, (Peer Review feedback: 4 reviewers gave a grade of 5 each).
Visiting fellow at the Fine Art and Geography Departments at the University of Newcastle in 2013/15. (funded by The Fine Art Department raised £1400; The Geography Department raised £750), 2014/15,
Visiting fellowship University of Newcastle, Geography Department, £700, 2013/14 and Art Department £1500, 2013/14
Arts Council of England – Individual Artist Award £8248, for National Touring Solo Exhibition, 2006
AHRB full award for PhD (post Mphil/upgrade) study, 2001-2003, (£10,000 per year for 2 years ft)

Network Groups

I am participating in two network groups both so far have resulted in a publication each –

“Hidden: British Jews in Film and TV” convened by Professor. Abrams at Bangor University, including colleagues from Southampton University, Birmingham University, Sheffield University (25 May 2011), Winchester University, Leeds University, Queen Mary (Sept. 3rd, 2013)

“Cosmopolitanism as Critical and Creative Practice” convened by Prof. Schöne at Manchester Metropolitan University including colleagues from the Open University, Winchester University, Queen Mary University (11th &12th May 2011)

Peer Review - Research and Professional

Arts Journal, MDPI journals, 2018

Peer review of book, Goldsmiths Press, July 2018

Ars Judaica, Oxford University Press, 2016

(4)Journal of Contemporary Painting, Peer reviewer, Intellect Press 2015, 2014,
(5)Journal of Middle Eastern Studies, Peer Reviewer, Duke University Press, 2015
(6) DAAD Peer Reviewer, 2010, 2014
(7)Peer review for Associate Professor promotion at the University of Wisconsin, 2015
(8)Visiting Fellow, University of Newcastle, Geography and Art Departments 2013/15

(9) Editorial Board, Reviews editor - Jewish Film and New Media Journal (Wayne State County U publisher) (2012- 2017)

(10)Contemporary Art Society presentations to curators about contemporary video and cultural diversity in the arts, 2011 (paid)

(11) Contemporary Art Society presentations to curators about Identity politics and India, 2011 (paid)

(12)Institute of Jewish Policy Research, advisor into visual arts in the Jewish Community (2009)

PhD external examiner

Helen Benigston, Ruskin, 10 July 2018, Fattened, Flattened Bodies: Performing the Maternal within Virtual and Real Space

Stephen Connolly, University of Kent, “The Spatial Cinema: An Encounter between Lefevbre and the Moving Image”, 28th March 2018

Sarah Lightman, University of Glasgow “Dressing Eve and Other Reparative Acts in Women’s Autobiographical Comics’, March 9th, 2018

Emma O’Connor, Fine Art Department, Sheffield Hallam University, Re-imagining Patient Narrative: Exploring Patient Experience of Genetic Medicine Through Art Practice, 27th September 2017

Ryann Donnelly, Visual Cultures Department, Goldsmiths, University of London, “Radical Bodies in Music Video Feminism, Queerness, and Subversive Performance of Gender” 7th June 2017

Jenni Steele, “Reading Between the Lines: Clothes, Linens and Washing-Lines in Film and Practice” School of Creative Studies and Communications, Bangor University, 24 February 2017

Hala Georges, University of the Creative Arts, “Conversations in the Midsts of the Syrian Conflict: A Visual Response to the Syrian Conflict via the Domestic and Personal”, 2016

Dafna Ganani, Goldsmiths Fine Art Dept, “Mimesis Judith Butler, Visual Practice, Tragic Art”, 2007

Internal examiner at Reading
Gudrun Bielz, “Arctificial Territory” 2013

Suriyya Choudhary - “Contemporary versus Colonial Gaze: Photographing Sacred Architecture of Multan” 2013

Internal Upgrade examiner at Goldsmiths

Simon Clarke, 2011 “The Kiss of the Dead: Towards an Undead Sublimation of Melancholia”
Nina Hoechtl, 30 October 2010, “If only for the length of a lucha:queer/ing, mask/ing, gender/ing and gesture in lucha libre”
Susana Mendes Silva, 3 November 2009
“Brief Encounters: Intimacy in performance art practice”

Confirmation of Registration (Upgrade) examiner at the University of Reading

Heidi Aishmann, Curating Oscillations within the Gap: Inhabiting Digital Affective Space, Sept 2017

Jonathan Trayner ‘The Importance of The Twelve Articles of The Upper Swabian Peasants for Reconciling the Contemporary Image in Politics’, October 2016

Omar Kholeif, ‘Towards a New Language, Re-Defining the Framework of Regionally Focused Curating of the Arab World’, June 2014 (Zurich Platform)

Haris Pellapaisiotis “Walking Narratives and Affective Cartographies: towards a blueprint for an affective map of Nicosia using aesthetic tools of engagement” Dec 2015

Simon Willems, “How not to disappear completely: Dick Bengtsson and the operation of denial in contemporary painting”, January 2015
Raquel Borges, “Human Figure as Automaton. Directing as a gesture in painting” April 2014

Allan Siegal, “From Agora To Hypermarket: Food, cities and public space” June 2014 (Zurich Platform)

PhD moderator
June 2011 invited by Director of Phd study at Goldsmiths Fine Art Dept. to review entire cohort of 50 PhD candidates as moderator to ensure recommendations in line with University regulations.

Leadership in teaching and learning

Head of Department (2017-)
School Director of Postgraduate Studies (2014-2017)
Department Director of Postgraduate Studies (2012-2017)
Programme Director Art & History of Art BA (2014-2017)
Year co-ordinator for BA Fine Art, year 3/2i, (2012-2015)
I have been external examiner for the following departments and Programmes.

Kingston University, MA Experimental Film, (2018-2020)
Goldsmiths Visual Cultures Department, BA Curating and History of Art (2018-2021)
Liverpool John Moores (2013 – 2016) MFA
External examiner representative on the Second Tier (Faculty) Board at Middlesex University. (2010-2015)
Middlesex University, Film BA, (2010-2015)
MFA, Byam Shaw School of Art, University of the Arts London, 2008 – 2010
Pg.Dip., Byam Shaw School of Art, University of the Arts London, 2008 – 2010
BA Digital Media Arts, University of the Creative Arts at Farnham, 2008-2012